Mickee Faust Takes it Personally

Fresh from its triumphant Murderous Movable Macbeth, the Mickee Faust Club is back to its cabaret roots with Up Faust and Personal.  There’s 90 minutes of comic skits, musical parodies, and a few riveting glimpses into the actual lives of the denizens of Tallahassee who make up this spring’s cast and crew.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” says Mickee Faust, the plastic-cigar puffing giant rodent who heads up Faust. “Just buy a ticket and see for yourself.  I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve run into who claim they’ve always been meaning to come see a Faust show. You’ve had 33-years, guys,” Mickee growls, chomping her/his/its cigar to a plastic nub.  “Get down here, already! Once that hotel goes up all bets are off.”   

Shows start at 8 PM Friday and Saturday March 22 & 23 and Thursday through Saturday March 28, 29 & 30.   Tickets cost a mere $20 bucks for general admission, $15 bucks for people with disabilities or those on a fixed income. Thursday is pauper night, with $5 bucks off regular ticket prices for everyone.  All shows take place at the Mickee Faust Clubhouse at 623 McDonnell Drive, deep in the heart of Tallahassee’s funky Railroad Square Art Park. Faust’s shows are captioned and the Clubhouse is wheelchair accessible. Come early and relax in our backyard while listening to the music of everyone’s favorite bluegrass band, Eclectic Acoustic.   Grab some food from one of the restaurants in the Square and make it a picnic! Get your tickets here.

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