The Mickee Faust Club presents, “A Moveable Murderous Macbeth” 

Tallahassee — With its witches, wars, and cold-blooded murders, Macbeth is the perfect play for the chilly days of November.  And when the audience is asked to physically follow the action of the play and even get their own hands “bloodied” as part of admission, then you know it’s the Mickee Faust Club’s take on that Shakespearean classic. 

The Mickee Faust Club is producing A Murderous Movable Macbeth, a one-of-a-kind, non-traditional, immersive event featuring Shakespeare’s shortest, bloodiest play. As with its memorable 2010 counterpart A Moveable Midsummer Night’s Dream, Faust is choosing to invigorate, rather than parody, the play. The language is Shakespeare’s own, but A Murderous Movable Macbeth is designed to engage attendees as intimate witnesses to the dark devolving madness of Lord and Lady Macbeth, moving with them as their tragedy unfolds across the multiple performance spaces of the Mickee Faust Club. 

The audience will first be asked to dip their hands in “blood” as proof of admission.  They will then be led to join the Weird Ones on the tortured landscape of a Scottish battlefield. From there the participants will move with the progression of the play, each scene unfolding in new and aesthetically different areas around the Mickee Faust Club Campus at Railroad Square. 

A Murderous Moveable Macbeth is also a new take on dinner theater. The audiences on Friday and Saturday will be treated to a delicious 11th-century style meal with food, drink, and entertainment. The Thursday night performances — called “Pauper Thursday”— will feature a lighter fare of cheese, homemade bread, fruit, and shortbread cookies.  Dinner is included in the price of admission. 

The actual banquet will segue into the infamous Banquet scene of Macbeth and bring the audience back into the play proper. At the climactic battle of the play, the audience will find itself, along with Macbeth and his servants and armies, inside a castle besieged and overrun by its enemies. There will be blood. 

A Murderous Moveable Macbeth promises to be an exhilarating evening of entertainment produced by one of the most original non-profit theater companies in the Deep South.  The production runs for six performances:  Thursday through Saturday,  November 8-10; and again the following Thursday through Saturday, November 15-17.  Rain dates are Sunday, Nov.11 and Sunday, Nov. 18.   All shows begin at 7 P.M. at the Mickee Faust Clubhouse, 623 McDonnell Drive in the heart of Tallahassee’s Railroad Square Art Park.

The Mickee Faust Club productions strive to be accessible and A Murderous Moveable Macbeth is no exception.  Chairs, wheelchairs, and assistants will be provided for those with mobility issues, and captioning is available for all shows. 

Tickets to the show are available for purchase ONLY through the company’s website,  The Friday and Saturday shows are $30 and the Thursday night performances are $20. Seating will be limited to 70 seat for each production, so buy your tickets early for a guaranteed spot at the banquet table.

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