Making America Grate Again!

The Mickee Faust Club Fall Cabaret Tackles

Politics in “What. The. Faust.”


Tallahassee—In a campaign season where down is up and up is down, Tallahassee’s very own cabaret troupe, The Mickee Faust Club, asks the question on the minds of so many:

“What. The. Faust.”

OK, maybe some people are choosing a different “F” word, but in the interest of the increasingly missing good sense in our society, the Faustkateers have called their fall cabaret“What. The. Faust.”as they put on skits and songs that lampoon the politics and societal concerns of the day. The shows take place at The Clubhouse, 623 McDonnell Drive in Tallahassee’s Railroad Square.

“I’m here to make America grate again!” says Mickee Faust, the cigar-puffing, scruffy-eared, club-wielding rat leader of the troupe, and alter ego of performer Terry Galloway. “While other candidates are about sleaze, I’ve always been about cheese! And beer!”

Drinking may have become an option for some to get through this election, but the Faustkateers have a line-up that will get you laughing, rather than crying, in your beer stein as they present alternate universes, distinctly different debates, and even a little help from friendly northern neighbors to make politics seem a little less scary crazy.

“What. The. Faust.”opens Friday, October 14th, with additional shows Saturday, October 15th, and Thursday-Saturday, October 20th-22nd. Tickets are $15/general admission; $10 for retirees, students and people with disabilities. The show on Thursday, October 20th is $5 cheaper for everyone. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online [click "Events" and select show date for availability.] All shows are at 8pm with pre-show music in our backyard with Eclectic Acoustic.

Don’t sit at home despairing as you watch pundits and campaign hacks sputter and bluster and make chaos out of nonsense. Come to the Faust fall cabaret and laugh with us as we say,“What. The. Faust.”

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