Donate to Faust

Unlike other greedier non-profits,  Mickee Faust seldom asks for money. Even our annual fundraising letter is so cleverly worded as to leave its recipients scratching their heads wondering if we’re really hitting them up for cash or just pulling their legs.  So let’s get one thing straight-- we’re really hitting you up for cash!

We use your hard-earned moola to:

  • Improve the accessibility of our space
  • Improve the aesthetics of our space
  • Fund our cabarets
  • Fund our radio hour
  • Fund our short videos
  • Fund our Actual Lives writing and performance workshops
  • Provide transportation for our disabled Faustkateers.
Give those charitable dollars of yours to your very own “community theater for the weird community.”  Because the perpetuation of our particular brand of weirdness is cause enough!

There are two ways to donate: a one-time donation and a sustaining membership.


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