Bad to Verse, Bring Your Purse—Fighting Literary Imperialism One Verse at a Time

  • 06 Dec 2013
  • 6:30 PM
  • Mickee Faust Backyard Stage, 623 McDonnell Drive


Tallahassee--Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”  At the Mickee Faust Club, the motto is, “Anything worth reading or writing is worth an interpretive dance or a hurled tomato!”  That’s the nature of the broad, bawdy, and sometimes naughty fundraiser, “Bad to Verse, Bring Your Purse.”  This year’s event, to be held on Friday, December 6th on the backyard stage of the Mickee Faust Clubhouse (623 McDonnell Dr. in Railroad Square), has the subtitle, “Fighting Literary Imperialism One Verse at a Time!”
As a reader, you'll be "performing" some great piece of literature badly (your favorite Shakespearean soliloquy in the guise of a serial murderer circus clown) or a bad piece of writing well (a tribute poem to shoelaces you wrote when you were nine delivered in a Royal Shakespeare Company kind of way). 
 “No pressure!” assures Mickee Faust, the alter-ego of performer and author Terry Galloway. “Just jot down a few witty stanzas that will shatter the literary canon and shake the jack-booted Western cultural authorities out of their leather easy chairs.”
Audience members can “order”—for a fee—certain “enhancements” to your performance.  For instance someone may pay $5.00 for Faust’s troupe of interpretive dancers, the Vowel Movements, to join you on stage; another may offer $10.00 for the Head of the Librarian Liberation Front to Shhhhhh you off stage and still someone else may pay $20.00 for your terrible performance to continue! 
A panel of distinguished literary radicals (our esteemed judges) will critique the performances and award prizes to the very best of the very worst.  We’ve been told that the ghost of the late actor James Mason will be channeled by Democrat columnist Mark Hinson; that Gertrude Stein will be serving beer; and that the event is on the must-do list of that radical, terrorist, feminist book club, The Virginia Woolves. 
The readings will begin at 7:00, PM but the house will be open at 6:30.  This is a First Friday so come early and avoid the rush.

Interested in performing? Sign up here. 

We’re always looking for ways to highlight the talents of our community as well as reach out to audiences that have yet to join in our on-going battle for World Media Domination. So please help us reach all those readers who are locked away in the coffee houses and libraries and have equally bad literary tastes and a yen for mayhem.  
The event is free, but it is a fundraiser; hence, you’ll want to have some spare bills on hand to purchase an interpretive dance or two during the course of the evening. Come be part of something funny, and outrageous. Anything goes!

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