The Mickee Faust Club’s “Faust and Frivolous” Cabaret 

Makes Light of All Things Bright and Musical 

Tallahassee in springtime is a yellow-dusty wonderland deserving of the iconic “Sound of Music” scene with Julie Andrews running and spinning into the frame to declare “The hills are alive with the sound of mucous!” At least, if the Mickee Faust Club could re-imagine the movie musical, that’s what we’d see. And you will see something of that kind in the troupe’s latest cabaret, “Faust and Frivolous,” opening on Friday, March 24th and running March 25th, and the following Thursday through Saturday, March 30th -April 1st at the Mickee Faust Clubhouse, 623 McDonnell Drive in Railroad Square.

“The world has gone bat(bleep) crazy!” says Mickee Faust, the rodent potentate cigar puffing character played by co-founder Terry Galloway. “This show isn’t political. But it’s just as nuts as anything brewing at either our Capitol or the one in DC!”

And this show is a mash-up of material from the vaults of Faust’s 30-year history of poking fun at everything from seasonal allergies to punk rock to the French. Even the various stages of female development from puberty to menopause are up for laughs.

“There are no sacred cows in our shows,” says Faust. “Sheep are another matter.”

The company has been a force of fun and resistance to traditional theater norms for three decades. Founded by Galloway and her partner in art and life, Donna Marie Nudd, the company has been a home to writers and performers of all skill levels who have a common goal of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted through skits and songs. Their cabaret shows have traveled to Washington, DC, Orlando, Miami and Baton Rouge, while their video and radio productions have won awards at festivals around the world. The cast of a cabaret, which can range in size from a dozen people to 50, writes, produces and directs the shows, giving Faustkateers a range of experiences in putting on a cabaret.

“You don’t find a Mickee Faust Club in many places,” says co-founder and executive director, Donna Nudd. “You especially don’t find anything like us below the Mason-Dixon line.”

Tickets for “Faust and Frivolous” can be purchased in advance through the company’s website, General admission is $15/$10 for students, retirees, and people with disabilities. The Thursday performance has a $5 discount.

The troupe’s official house band, Eclectic Acoustic, will entertain patrons in the backyard of the Mickee Faust Clubhouse starting at 7pm, all shows start at 8pm.



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