Visiting Artists

E. Patrick Johnson (2013)

       Week Artist/Scholar Residence for Performance Studies Professor, Northwestern University.  Dr. Johnson interviewed members of the community for his next book, Honey Pot;  delivered a lecture on "Countess Vivian" and performed his acclaimed one person-show,  Sweet Tea, Black Gay Men of the South on the 23-24 of September 2013.

Laurence Clark (2010)
  • British comedian and filmmaker performed his one-person show, Spastic Fantastic. 26 September 2010.  
Gaylen Ross (2009)
  • Gaylen Ross Discussing Her Documentary-in-Progress, Caris' Peace.  Mickee Faust Co-Produced with FSU Dept. of Communication and Tallahassee Film Society.   Dept of Communication, FSU 3 April 2009; TFS All Saints Cinema, 4 April 2009.
Tim Miller (2009)
  • Lay of the Land.  Written and Performed by Internationally-Acclaimed Tim Miller. Mickee Faust Clubhouse.  Tallahassee, FL.5-6 June, 2009.
  • "Our Voices/Ourselves" Performance Workshop with Tim Miller.  Mickee Faust Clubhouse.  Tallahassee, FL. 7-11 June, 2009 with a final performance by workshop participants on 12 June 2009.
S. Renee Mitchell (2009)
  • 25 October 2009.
Elizabeth Whitney (2008)
  • A Day without Sunshine.  Written and Performed by Elizabeth Whitney.  Mickee Faust Clubhouse.  20-21 June 2008.

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